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inAtlas becomes the Geo Tool of BCN Analytics

By inAtlas Press, November 13, 2014

inAtlas becomes the Geo Tool for the BCN Analytics Barcelona Data Lovers community, a project that aims to make Barcelona a point of reference as a European Analytics Hub.

BCN Analytic is a project with the mission of raising the profile of the city of Barcelona as a European data hub. One of the strategies for doing that consists in empowering the analytic community with tools to work with geo-referenced data on Barcelona and enhance the visibility of their work.

BCN Analytics provides the analytic community with 2 different sets of tools with different objectives: importing and visualizing geo-referenced data on Barcelona.

Data Import

Created: R library BcnDataAccess. The purpose of this library is to make the importing of data on Barcelona really simple and easily extensible by anyone inside  R.  It is still in a very early version, so we would be very grateful if you give us feedback by reporting an issue or sending us an email.

Data Visualization

BCN Analytics works with 2 different tools:

  • CartoDB: This open-source tool lets you create and share data map visualization. They provide a hosting plan with 5 maps for the free account.  They let you share the maps through iframes. At BCNAnalytics, we
  • inAtlas: We provide  the visualization of updated commercial, demographic and real estate data on Barcelona.  BCNAnalytics have special access to the capabilities of this tool thanks to our partenrship.

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