inAtlas entre las TOP 10 Location Intelligence Companies

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With a rapid shift to digitalization, enterprises require greater amounts of bandwidth and connectivity to move workloads and communications online and into the cloud. This ascending need for connectivity provides network providers an opportunity to inflate their network reach to more locations. Utilizing location intelligence gives network providers the ability to expand routes and serviceability into new locations. Builds on geographical information system (GIS) tools to provide data-driven insights, location intelligence encompasses the people and technology used to visualize spatial data to excerpt actionable information.

This spatial intelligence approach allows analysts in both business and government domains to optimize their strategic position by integrating location data generated from different sources such as consumer behaviors, environmental factors, IoT, and GPS systems, among others. Today, there are significant numbers of location intelligence tools available in the market. However, picking up the right ones can make a huge difference.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 location intelligence companies helping businesses with visualizing data to gain insights and make strategies for business success. […]



inAtlas is a big data and location analytics company offering business solutions for leads generation, geomarketing and data analytics. The company’s services include online business solutions, geolocation services, lead generation, geomarketing, gap analysis, competitor monitoring, predictive analytics, expansion maps, propensity to purchase models. inAtlas’ self-service online location analytics and competitive intelligence application help its users to make their business plans, design marketing campaigns, find new customers, implement geo-marketing strategies, find places which are ideal for franchises, and more.


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