Data analytics services, analytical models and sectoral data in Spain


Separates postal address data into the following fields: type of road, name, number, complements, postal code and size of population.

Incorporates the correct updated postal code according to town, road and number.

Assigns geographic coordinates using automatic processes of cross-tabbing and extraction of results from two geocoding services.


Assigns indexes with an alphanumeric key according to the name and address of each record.

Identifies existing duplicate records and separates these. Indicates the degree of similarity between records identified as duplicates.

Cross-tabs by  VAT No. and / or addresses the client’s own databases with external databases of companies, self-employed persons, socio-demographic profiles, cadastre and availability of real estate, among other categories, all continuously updated.

Data analytics services for commercial prospecting strategies in Spain
Data analytics services for commercial expansion strategies in Spain


inAtlas keeps updated a list of datasets available for sale

  • Marketing: Daily updated marketing data. Companies and freelancers.
  • Marketing-Finance: Daily updated marketing and financial data. Companies.
  • Resident Population: Inhabitants Database. Average household expenditure and average income, type of household, unemployment, avarage salary, among others.
  • Floating Population: Workers, students and tourist. Daily presence and flows track.
  • Insurance Market: Geolocated insurance databases.
  • Cadastre: Enriched databases of plots, buildings and constructions.
  • Real Estate: Geolocated housing and premises for rent and sale. Use, m2 and price.
  • Oil Sector: Geolocated gas stations. Prices and brands.
  • Traffic data: Car fleet and Average Traffic Intensity.
  • Education: Geolocated educational institutions.
  • Tourism: Geolocated tourist accommodation. Beds number, occupancy rate, etc.
  • Food Distribution: Geolocated and enriched Point of Sale (POS), Space, Distribution (Franchise, Direct)
  • Footfall: Pedestrian mobility and count of people who pass in front of every address.


We design customized, online-generated location reports, with continuously updated information and KPIs selected by our customers.

On demand reports with customized indicators that fit perfectly with your requirements:

  • Benckmarking among multiple areas to compare market shares and potential growth
  • Dynamic reports, daily updated about conversion rate between potential market available and new customers adquisitions
  • Automatic best locations reports for franchisees,  generated through the selection of variables to be fullfilled
  • Real Estate reports on the average prices trends by selected areas

And many more…

Data analytics services, analytical models and sectoral data in Spain