A bright and lively team based in Barcelona working non-stop with the goal of simplifying the decision-making process. inAtlas is Partner of INFORMA D&B.

<div class="comp-m-s-text"> <p class="bbx-center"><img src="" alt="" /></p> <em>Our alliance with inAtlas enables us to offer to franchisors information relating to a particular area and guarantee the success of their new outlets. </em> <p class="comp-sec-auth-name"><strong> José Aragonés</strong> <span class="">T4 Franquicias</span></p> </div>


One clear mission

Making it possible for everyone to access, understand and apply relevant information to make better and faster decisions based on location, whether for your company or the company you work for.


What we offer

Business solutions online, based on location, customized for big enterprises and for small businesses. Geomarketing, Gap Analysis, Competitor monitoring, Predictive Analytics. Customized Platform for Smart Cities. Contact us and we’ll design easily an accurate solution for your company.


A few key values

Big Data and Geolocation in one.
Universally accessible.
Urban and Business insights.
Provides flexibility and adaptability.
Easy to use, easy to understand.
Accuracy and speed.

Meet inAtlas team

Marcos Hofmann Batllori

Chairman of the Board. Corporate Development

Silvia Banchini

CoFounder – Managing Director

Elias Lima de Souza

Senior Developer

Jorge Ferrer García

Senior Full Stack Developer

Lea Cohen

Junior Developer – Geoanalytics & Data Visualization

Rafael Rato

Senior back-end developer

Ivan Rodríguez

Senior DBA Developer

Roberto Zazo

Senior front-end developer

Davis Yoel Armas Ayala

Data Scientist

Alex Gordillo Soler

Data Scientist

Nadia Cabrera

Analyst – Market Studies – Sales

Mauri Arévalo

Analyst – Market Studies – Sales

Alessandra Cappai

Analyst – Market Studies – Sales

Elisabet Palma

Analyst – Market Studies – Sales

Ivan Álvarez

Analyst – market studies

Maribel Orellana

Administration Assistant

Juan Carlos Pell

SEO, SEM and CRO services

Francesc X. Majó

Tax and business advisory /


inAtlas has developed and manages a proprietary technology that increases the speed of Geo-spatial data processing, decreasing the costs of infrastructures, allowing to everybody to access Location Intelligence.


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