Cross data on maps to analyze your customers portfolio and find similar prospects.
Check your suppliers and competitors within the ecosystem of your business. Access data of your potential market, businesses and consumers, daily updated.


How it works

two easy steps: upload your clients and find their twins within your market.

More accuracy?

just one more step: define your area of influence and check your market share


Easy to use and available to everyone, inAtlas improves decision-making processes and drives business growth.

What for?

Choose the right location for new businesses or branches via market and competitive analysis.

Access valuable information about your potential market, businesses  and  consumers, continously updated.

Daily monitor your competitors’ position within your business ecosystem.

Define B2B and B2C marketing campaigns and quickly find new potential customers.

Analyze trends in real estate properties and find premises, offices and housing, most suited to your needs.

Discover geographic patterns of economic behaviour, for public authority strategies and private investments.

Business cases

RETAILS & HORECA. Comercial prospection, expansion of new sales points and franchises.

REAL ESTATE. Crossing properties with cadastre database and avarage price/m2 of housing and premises.

BUSINESS CONSULTANCY. Support solutions for market research.

ENERGY & TELECOM. Custmers data enrichment and propection by areas of high consumption potential.

BANK & INSURANCE. B2B and B2C solutions. Best locations for relocating and/or opening new branches.

BUSINESS SCHOOLS. Consultation platform for market research and statistics on business and socio-demographic data.