inAtlas Solutions

Customized Big Data and Location Analytics  solutions to enrich your market studies and integrate predictive analysis into your enterprise.


Tools made for you

Start measuring your most unstable data and get new understanding of urban and tourist dynamics.

Six reasons to choose inAtlas


Customized solutions at competitive prices, to be integrated with your own technology, without installing any software


We already have the data you need and continually updated for you. In addition, you can homogenize and integrate your database


Access anytime, anywhere (24/7), using a simple username and password, and always consult the latest information available


Multi-purpose solutions for different business departments and many plans to suit your needs. Very light technology, easily scalable


Extremely optimized online processing speed. Our own algorithms multiply by 20 the capacity of simultaneous active users


Thanks to our User Interface design and the assessment system, our results do not require a technician or an expert in business analytics

Special solution

Location Analytics Reports

We design tailored location reports and generate them online, as and when you need, with information and KPIs continuously updated.

Customized indicators

On demand reports that fit perfectly with your shop requirements

  • Name, tax number and industry, turnover and geolocation
  • Business demography
  • Competitors
  • Ranking of activity sectors
  • Comercial mix and services
  • GLA/ Gross Leased Area
  • Consumer market: residents and workers
  • Expenditure per person, per 12 commodities in an area of influence
  • Socioeconomic status and education
  • Indicators of real estate prices
Visit here the Location Report of Spanish Firms made by inAtlas and available in or contact us to develop your customized reports.

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