City monitoring
and tourism analytics ­

Start measuring your most unstable data and get new understanding of urban and tourist dynamics.


Cities in general, and especially tourist destinations, need new tools to measure their most unstable parameters within the dynamic of their systems. The creation and closure of companies, the volume and impact of a floating population that in certain occasions can multpily the number of residents by 10, the load capacity of services, the security measures needed to control high concentrations of people attracted by tourist spots or specific events, …all this information has to be monitored by intelligent platforms able to support decision making processes within local and regional governments.


inAtlas provides solutions through cloud-computing, is easy to scale, for Smart Cities and Smart Destinations, and allows you to connect dashboards with devices which measure parameters in constant variation and changing status (people, opinions, transport systems, etc).

What is it for?

  • Monitor tourists’ activities and preferences
  • Detect new areas with high potential attraction
  • Monitor social networks activities
  • Monitor businesses (new registrations/ withdrawals).
  • Crowd monitoring in events


  • Smart Cities, Tourist Destinations
  • Hotel chains
  • Airlines
  • Fairs and Events Agencies

Urban/Tourist Data Analytics

Analysis of tourist resources and their urban impact. Monitor of Supply and Demand.

  • Before / Expectations and Interests.
  • During the stay / Experiences and Products.
  • After / Satisfaction on Destination.
  • Creation of new products.
  • Monitoring of the activity on the existing ones .
  • Satisfaction on Products.
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    Social Networks Analytics

    Analysis of profiles and social activity to measure the interaction of visitors in urban spaces and tourist destinations. Visitors according to variables:
    • Who are they.
    • How they are organized.
    • What are they talking about.
    • Where are they.
    • Where do they go and what do they visit.

    Periodic Reports

    Automatic reports with periodicity chosen by the customers (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

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